Canada to offer Permanent Residency for 90,000 Students and Essential Foreign Workers.

Finally, International students have some good news! Due the COVID-19 pandemic and a long-term demographic decline and facing manpower shortage The Canadian authorities is opening a new pathway and have finally announced their new policy Permanent Residency (PR) policy.

The new policy will help temporary residents currently employed in Canada to plan their future in Canada.

“The pandemic has shone a bright light on the incredible contributions of newcomers,” Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said during a statement.

Starting from 6 May 2021, the authorities will accept applications of :

20,000 applications for temporary workers in 40 health-care occupations
30,000 applications for temporary workers in 95 other selected essential occupations
40,000 applications for international students who graduated from a Canadian institution

The applications will remain open until Nov. 5, 2021, or until they have reached their limit.

Though it’s only a short lived public policy The Canadian government hopes the new measures will help it meet its target of attracting 401,000 immigrants to Canada in 2021. it is still positive news for temporary workers and students in Canada, because the COVID-19 pandemic had made things difficult for them.

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